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Magic scrubs cap: our ear's best friend

Toucas mágicas: as melhores amigas das nossas orelhas.

As a healthcare professional who has to wear a mask, you'll know what we're talking about when it comes to the relationship between our beloved ears.

If you've never experienced the pain of wearing a mask for hours and hours, then you're in luck. If this is a tragedy that continues to plague you, we have good news: the "ear-saver" system of our magic scrubs caps is ready for action.

Dente a Dente magic caps, considered Innovation Product of the Year 2022 by Oral Health Magazine, were born with two essential purposes in mind.

On the other hand, to bring even more joy and magic to the health care  professionals offices and thus establish a closer relationship with their younger patients.

On the other hand, to provide professionals with equipment that, as well as being fun, guarantees their protection and total comfort.

Made from a waterproof material and suitable for washing and disinfecting, the magic scrubs caps incorporate a double spring system that allows the mask to be held on the face without the need to attach it to the ears.

The system, which is very easy to use - super practical to close and open, doesn't put pressure on the back of the neck or neck, as is the case with other similar solutions, and is therefore very comfortable to wear throughout the day, if necessary.

The day-to-day life of professionals is considerably easier and that of patients is guaranteed to be more fun!





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