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Fun for some, guaranteed cleanliness for all!

Diversão para uns, limpeza garantida para todos!
The moment when young children start to become independent in activities such as eating or painting can be a real mixed bag for parents. On the other hand, the joy of seeing them grow up and, on the other, the drama of the stains and blemishes that will become a regular part of their daily lives.

Do you relate to this description? If so, we can assure you that it won't be for long, because with Dente a Dente magic bibs, these fears are a thing of the past and every moment is enjoyed to the full.

Made from a waterproof PVC-free material, the magic bibs are the solution we've been looking for for a long time: protection for babies that prevents crumbs or other debris from falling to the floor and is very easy to clean with a simple damp cloth.

Their unique size, fully adaptable for babies from 6 to 24 months, makes magic bibs every home's best friend throughout that time, as it allows baby to have all the freedom to explore and learn and parents the peace of mind of knowing that safety and cleanliness are guaranteed.

As well as helping to keep everything cleaner, magic bibs have a very practical two-spring fastener that allows them to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.

The revolutionary way in which they have arrived in the world of maternity, infant feeding and childcare has caught the attention of several experts in the field, who say that the unique characteristics of magic bibs invite children to explore food and paint in a safe and clean way.

Dente a Dente magic bibs are available in various patterns and also in sets of two (with short and long sleeves).

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