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Dente a Dente is the materialization of a dream of bringing new magic to oral health care.

Anyone who says that they have never felt any fear throughout their lives about going to a dentist appointment is lying. We, better than anyone, know how big white practices can scare and cause huge barriers. For years we dreamed of the idea of ​​a space that would be like an enchanted world for kids and adults alike. Funny. Captivating. With lots of space to dream.

The experience of Dr. Inês Guerra Pereira - the mind behind this adventure, showed her that, along with a sincere smile and an open heart, our mini patients, and also the not so mini ones, have to be captivated by a space that gives them security and an environment that is familiar and close to them. This was the starting point for this adventure that is Dente a Dente!

First, and in response to the protection needs dictated by the pandemic, magic gowns were born. Through their fun patterns, they act as an invitation for young people to be captivated by the professional who dresses them. Soon after, and in a natural trajectory, the suits and “ear saver” caps appeared. But because healthcare is not restricted to healthcare professionals, and it is essential that they are part of our routine from an early age, the desire to bring this new magic to every home soon arose and, thus, bibs and beach bags were born. .Almost without realizing it, the #dacoratuavida movement became a true magical community.

We could say that this story was built by four, six or eight hands, but in reality we wouldn't be able to accurately count the number of authors. The feedback, suggestions and requests that came to us every day were like an invitation to take this dream further, day after day. Dente a Dente is a story that has been written together since its first chapter and nothing could make us prouder than that feeling of sharing. A purpose as simple as making visits to the dentist and the oral hygiene routine more fun and relaxing for children, parents and professionals alike, ended up resulting in a special and immeasurably rewarding project. Much more than absolutely charming products, Dente a Dente represents a different and infinitely special way of being. Based on an unbridled passion for oral health and driven by a thirst for sharing, Dente a Dente aims to be a meeting point for experiences, tips, information and (a lot of) magic, which we happily share with you.